Keeping our homes dry and secure is something we don’t often think about until there is a problem. Water damage, leaks and erosion are all costly and time-consuming problems that can cause extensive damage to our homes. Did you know that the gutters around the roof of your home help to keep these types of problems from happening?

Gutters work by allowing rainwater to flow off the roof, towards the downspouts, and away from your home’s foundation. If water is allowed to fall directly next to your home, it can erode the soil and can eventually cause extensive damage to the foundation.

Why Do I Need a Gutter Guard?

Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about them, but gutters that are not properly maintained can become a huge problem. Debris from trees and animals can clog gutters and cause them to back up. Sometimes plants even end up growing in the debris, which causes an even bigger blockage. The only way to fix this is to climb up on a ladder and physically clean out the debris periodically. If your home is close to large trees, you will need to have your gutters cleaned more frequently.

The best solution is to install gutter guards. These ingenious devices keep debris from depositing in your gutters while still allowing water to flow.

Are Gutter Guards Permanent?

If you install the right type of gutter guard, it is a permanent solution. Some products are not made to last. They are flimsy or made of materials that will degrade over time.

But here at Gutter Guards America, our products are made of durable and long-lasting stainless steel mesh on a solid aluminum base. We firmly stand behind our products and offer a lifetime transferable warranty and no clog guarantee on all our gutter guard installations.

How Are Gutter Guards Installed?

Our gutter guards are installed by our professionally trained installation experts. The first step is to make sure that the existing gutters are clean and free of any debris. They then seal the seams, corners, and downspout connections to make sure that there are no leaks. Our teams also fix any alignment issues you might have, reinforce the gutters, and finally attach our gutter guard system to your existing gutters.

In some cases, your gutters may need to be replaced before guards are installed, and we can do that, too.

What Should I Look for in Good Gutter Guards in Raleigh?

When you are shopping around for the best gutter guards in Raleigh, keep in mind a few things:

•  Make sure you choose gutter guards that are extremely durable.

•  Choose guards that can be installed on your existing gutters.

•  Make sure the guards are proven to work.

•  Gutter guards in Raleigh must be able to perform in our many different types of weather.

•  Look for a company that offers a lifetime transferable warranty and no clog guarantee.

The next time it is raining outside and your home remains dry and secure, you will have clean and clear gutters to thank for that. Keep your gutters free of debris with Gutter Guards America’s innovative and effective solutions. Learn more about gutter guards in Raleigh.