Have you ever spent one of your late autumn days, or early spring days, climbing an old rickety ladder trying to get to your gutters and pull out all the leaves and other debris that has built up in them? Have you forgotten to clean your gutters, and suddenly found you now have water damage? Well, no longer do you have to worry! With a gutter cover system, such as those provided from Gutter Guards America, you can stop worrying about when and if you did it. No more climbing ladders or scaling the roof. So, how does a gutter cover near me protect your roof and home?

Ensuring Free Flowing of Water

If you had no gutters when it rains, that water would just roll off the roof onto the ground and all the way around your house. This is problematic because with heavy rainfalls this causes too much water to build up around your foundation, and even if it’s waterproofed well it’ll eventually cause damage, and maybe even leak into your interior. Thus, you need gutters. Gutters redirect the flow of water to downspouts, and these downspouts lead away from the foundation to somewhere that the water can flow out from the property safely.

If your home has a lot of trees around it, after the autumn season a large number of leaves will build up on your roof and eventually the rain will push them into the gutters causing clogs. These clogs make your gutters useless, and in some cases even worse than useless. Water can once again flow over the gutters onto the foundation and it can also back up onto the roof, causing damage.

Gutter Covers

If you search online for “gutter cover near me”, you will discover their usefulness. Gutter covers fit over the top of your gutters and are perforated. With these perforations, water can pass through, but leaves won’t. Instead, leaves will eventually blow or be pushed off by water, while the water safely falls into the gutter, on its way to the downspout. And with our specially designed micro-mesh system, our gutter cover system can’t be beat. No more risking your safety climbing up to the roof to clear out the leaves and reduce the risks of water damage to the foundation, or roof. As well, if you don’t risk gutter cleaning yourself, you’ll no longer have to pay for gutter cleaning services, saving money in the long run.

Finding gutter covers near me can also protect your gutters by making them last longer. Clogs by leaves aren’t the only risk, as animals like birds, squirrels, and rodents might consider your gutter as a great place for a nest. These nests can cause clogs just like leaves, and with their home so close to your roof they may start trying to dig into your home. Extra leaves or other debris also adds weight to the gutters, resulting in even more weight and possible collapse.

Are you looking to protect your gutters and your roof from water damage, and searching for “gutter cover near me”? Look no further than us at Gutter Guards America. Visit our website or contact us today for a free estimate for installation of our highly rated, quality gutter cover system.