Cleaning the gutters is one of the jobs that most people despise. There is a lot of risk getting up on a ladder a two to four times a year. A common thought is, if I can’t see anything wrong then I don’t need to worry about it! This thought can do a lot of damage to your home. For those who are not wanting to go up on the roof to clear out clogged gutters, there is gutter guards in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.

What Happens If you Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

If you don’t use gutter guards in Charlotte, NC or elsewhere, or clean your gutters on a regular basis there can be minor annoyances and even costly damage.

Bugs and pests: when gutters are plugged, they can build up sitting water. This water creates an environment for mosquitoes to breed. Nobody likes mosquitoes in their back yard. When gutters are not cleaned, they also can build small buildup of twigs and needles and damp mud. This is perfect for bees and wasps to build their nests. All of these pests can put a damper on your back yard BBQ.

Wet basement: This can be small enough that it is a minor annoyance, having to clean the basement – but it could also lead to a costly repair of drywall and flooring. This can happen when the water overflows from the gutter and onto the ground and seeping into the basement.

Foundation problems: When the water overflows this can cause major damage to the foundation. The water can pool on the ground and begin to erode the foundation. This is always a very expensive repair.

Damage to the walls and roof: When water is not flowing through the gutters it can damage the roof. As there is nowhere for it to go, the moisture sits on the asphalt and damages it. When it pours over if the gutters are full, it can damage the walls of your home.

Broken gutters: Gutters can only hold so much weight before they break. When they snap or bend, they need to be replaced. When gutters are broken the water is no longer running down the pipes and away from the home, but instead will pour onto the yard and damage the landscaping.

What Are Gutter Guards in Charlotte, NC and Why are They Clog Free?

Our gutter guards have a simple design that covers the gutters with a micromesh material that keeps debris from falling into your gutter and plugging it up. The raised screen on the guards ensures that material cannot sit flat and will blow off, keeping the guard clean and clear. Our design also means that water is slowed down and forced into the gutters even in heavy rainfalls. Our surgical stainless steel mesh with a solid aluminum base has a no clog guarantee.

Calling Gutter Guards America to install your gutter guards in Charlotte, NC, means no more gutter headaches. One phone call can prevent injury from falling off ladders, and helps you avoid expensive cleaning. Click here for more information on how one call protects your gutters and your home.